Comparing Money In A Doll's House And A Raisin In The Sun

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Money plays an important role in the lives of all the characters of both “A Doll House” and “A Raisin in the Sun.” Money is shown to be both helpful and hurtful in both of these plays. The use of money as a major theme in both plays highlight its importance the money in everyday life of each of the characters. In the play “A Doll House”, money is used to manipulate and torture the Nora to obey what the Krogstad wanted, which was to keep his job. In “A Raisin in the Sun”, money causes conflict within the family that have their own selfish ideas of how to spend it. In both plays, the theme of money creates turmoil in each character’s pursuit of happiness. Although money is important, the character eventually realizes that being a family is the main source of happiness. In “A Doll House” money is constantly on each of the character’s minds. Krogstad blackmails Nora because of her forgery scheme to help her husband. The idea of blackmail comes to mind because Nora was being forced to obey Krogstad demand of keeping his job. Krogstad was trying to manipulate Nora into obeying him. Due to Nora`s need to save her husband, she is reminded of Torvald’s statement, “No debts! Never borrow! Something of freedom`s lost--- and something of beauty, too--- from a home that`s founded on borrowing and…show more content…
In this drama, it is shown how money was used from the viewpoint of a small African American family to save them in a time of trouble. For example, the father in the story tells his son “…your daddy`s gonna make a transaction… a business transaction that`s going to change our lives…” (1952). The theme of money is revealed through the struggles of this family during hard times. This struggle causes this family to work together to achieve their goals that will better their lives. Each character wants to use the money to buy something different, but in the end, the family use the money to buy a new
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