Comparing Monkey's Paw And The Devil And Tom Walker

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Everything is not always as it seems to be. Both Jacobs and Irving agree on this topic. In The Monkey’s Paw and The Devil and Tom Walker, they both speak of families making wishes, but their greedy decisions teach a lesson. In their stories their themes include: Dealing with the Supernatural, Be Careful What You Wish For, and Greed Gets You Nowhere. William Wymark Jacobs believes that one must be careful for what to wish for. Sometimes getting what is wanted is not really what is one had thought of it to be. One who wishes for something does not always realize what the consequences may be. The Monkey’s Paw was written by William Wymark Jacobs. Jacobs was born in London, England, 1863. He had married Agnes Eleanor. Critics had described him with having a high work ethic. Jacobs had gotten a degree from Birkbeck college where he had decided that he loved writing. At the beginning of his career he was often viewed as a comic writer. In the Idler and the Today he had gotten a few of his works published. Jacob’s first short story collection was called Cargoers. This was the big push that had made him quit his job as a clerk…show more content…
He was born in New York city, 1783. His parents had named him after George Washington. His parents were Sarah Sanders and William Irving. Growing up he would sneak out to plays at night and he had loved to explore. He had wanted to travel when he had gotten older. *** Later in life, he had joined his brothers to help with their family business. It had failed, but as a result, he had written a collection of stories.He had also written various essays under a pen name. Irving had enjoyed being an editor of Analectic Magazine shortly after his works had become noticed. One of his primary goals was to promote copyright laws, being an author himself. He had also gotten the honor to be U.S. minister for Spain. In November 28, 1859, he had passed away.
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