Comparing Morality In Shakespeare's Macbeth And Malcolm X

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“By any means necessary,” were the words said by an African American leader who was a renowned figure in the Nation of Islam. He also vocalized concepts of racial pride and Black Nationalism in the ‘50s and ‘60s. This man is Malcolm X. This quote meant for blacks to free themselves from the constant battle of racism they faced daily, even if it meant violence. Another man once said, “Let not light see my black and deep desires. The eye wink at the hand, yet let that be. Which the eye fears, when it is done, to see (Shakespeare I.iiii.)” These were the words once said by a man who was once deemed noble; he lost his way to the toxicity of greed and power. This man was a fictional character created by Shakespeare named Macbeth. These words meant…show more content…
But, the major difference is what they reached for and how they reached for it. Macbeth and Malcolm X may share a similar mindset but they differ in ways of integrity, morality, and an ethical standpoint. First and foremost, these characteristics need to be defined to have clear understanding of how these two exhibit these through their behavior. Morality by definition is the, “a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society.” To simplify, it means what a person or a society believes in and the certain behaviors you believe to be right or wrong. Malcolm X, a man born into a time of extreme oppression based on the color of your skin, joined to Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam according to the article of Malcolm X, “an African American…show more content…
Are you honest? Malcolm didn’t believe in what society thought was right and wrong because at the time, society’s right and wrong weren’t actually accurate. So what is moral towards Malcolm X may not have been moral to society at the time. Malcolm did stood by a code of what he believe of what is wrong and right. “Muhammad’s violations of the moral code of the Nation further worsened his relations with Malcolm, who was devastated when he learned that Muhammad had fathered children by six of his personal secretaries, two of whom filed paternity suits and made the issue public…the break between the two leaders became permanent (Malcolm X. Mamiya).” He stuck to the moral code that he was taught, and when his own teacher broke it, he left and embraced a more orthodox approach. His integrity was something commendable. Whereas, Macbeth stared to lose integrity as his mental wellbeing started to decline. When his mental state started to unravel, so did his decision making. He lied to many people to cover up his need for power. He became power hungry and right and wrong didn’t seem to matter anymore. Although Macbeth and Malcolm X believed in doing what you had to do to get the respect you felt you deserve, Macbeth took a more savage approach, were as
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