Comparing Most Dangerous Game 'And' Porphyria's Lover

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Could you believe that someone could kill someone in cold blood and not be fazed by it? In the poem Porphyrias Lover and the story The Most Dangerous Game, the two main characters kill someone they love or the person who helped them. But had seen nothing wrong with it.The Most Dangerous Game is about this hunter who lives on a secluded island. Then this other less experienced hunter falls off his yacht and is washed up at the more experienced hunters house and doesn't see the trouble that lies ahead. In the poem Porphyria's Lover there is this man (narrator) who is in love with this woman so much and wants to marry her, but the woman doesn't feel the same way. The thesis I thought Connell (author for Most Dangerous Game) and Browning (author for porphyria's lover) were trying to convey is that even when someone acts nice and kind they can always have a dark hidden side.

Connell and Browning both characterise Zaroff and Porphyria's lover as kind people at the beginning of the stories. In the Most Dangerous Game Connell has Zaroff characterised as a
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In The Most Dangerous Game Zaroff is revealed as this insane person who hunts humans. This situation comes up when Zaroff mentions this game that he wants to play with Rainsford, but the game he wants to play, is this game Rainsford has 3 days to survive on the island while being hunted by Zaroff. Just as in The Most Dangerous Game, Porphyria's lover kills the woman he loves and he believed it was what she wanted him to do. The situation where the lover was revealed of his sadistic side is where he is thinking of what to do with the thought that she basically worships him, and then he thought of something to do. So he chokes her to death with her own hair. He does this because he felt it was what she wanted. He felt that she wanted him to kill her which is why he felt he didn't do anything
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