Comparing Most Dangerous Game 'And The Child By Tiger'

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"The Most Dangerous Game" presents a straight forward conflict between good and evil while "The Child by Tiger" gives the reader a far more subtle version of the conflict with good and evil on both sides. "The Most Dangerous Game" has a good and evil side also. The good is Rainsford. He is a hunter that fell off his boat and ended up on an island. The bad is General zaroff. He i a hunter that kills not animals but people. Also, General Zaroff starts hunting Rainsford and Rainsford has to hi=d on the island for 3 day without being seen to leave the island. in "The Child by Tiger" the good is John Chapman. He is sent to kill the shooter. The bad is the shooter, the shooter is shooting a lot of people. The Theme in "The Most Dangerous Game"
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