Comparing Napoleon And Benito Mussolini In Orwell's Animal Farm

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“The creatures outside looked from creature to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” (Orwell 141) This quote represents Benito Mussolini (Dictator of Italy 1925-1945) toward the end of his ruling. Both Napoleon and Mussolini rose to power the same way, treated the people they ruled over terribly, and separated themselves from the rest. Toward the beginning of Animal Farm every animal stood for the same thing: taking down Mr. Jones and kicking him off of the farm. Eventually, they accomplished this goal together, but soon Napoleon showed signs of separating himself from the other animals on the farm. Napoleon saw the chance to take power over the tired, rebellious, stupid…show more content…
A short period of time passed, and Mussolini ended up creating “fascism.” Fascism is term meaning that no citizen in the country (in this case) had rights unless given to them. Mussolini gave no rights to anyone but himself, and he made his own decisions, not caring about who it affected. For example, in World War II, he decided to ally himself with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s, not thinking twice about how this could affect his own country and the people living in it. This is very similar to the events in Animal Farm. For instance, Napoleon chose to fight the humans as a sign of strength and power. The animals won, but they still did not know the real reasons behind things because Napoleon just lied to them. Moreover, Napoleon executed the animals that betrayed him and supposedly helped Snowball on the other farm. This was completely unfair, and after the exile of the various animals, some started to notice that everyone on the farm was being treated without any respect whatsoever. “They were executed immediately, and fresh precautions for Napoleon’s safety were taken.” (Orwell 95) Even though Napoleon was already guarded by vicious dogs, more precautionary measures were taken. This was how bad the animals and citizens of Italy were
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