Comparing Napoleon And Stalin In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Similarities & Differences Between Napoleon & Stalin George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a famous novel written about the life and times of a group of animals living on a farm and fighting for their survival and a new way of life. The pigs in this story become the main leaders while all the other characters obey and fear them. The story is an allegory to the then rise of Joseph Stalin, an influential and evil communist leader. The character ‘Napoleon’ the pig in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is an influential and powerful leader in the book, as is Stalin in real history. This allegorical character in the story is like the historical, real life communist dictator ‘Joseph Stalin’, a soviet revolutionary leader of the communists in Russia in the…show more content…
For example, in Chapter 7, Napoleon convinces the barnyard animals that Snowball was secretly visiting the farm 3 Jake K. 2-12-18 English 10A by night and performing all kinds of trouble. “”The animals were stupefied. This was a wickedness far outdoing snowballs destruction of the windmill. But it was some minutes before they could all take it in. They all remember or thought they remembered how they had seen snowball charging ahead of them at the battle of the cowshed how he had rallied and encouraged them…””(pg 56). They both were patient and secretive in not showing their true intentions and having people eventually behave like puppets around them without the characters around them knowing what happened. In summary, as was the original thesis of this essay, while there were some differences, there were multiple ways in which the character Napoleon was similar to Stalin’s. This allegorical novel is a metaphor for the communist Joseph Stalin rise to power and domination and treating people in horrific ways. This essay showed the multiple ways Stalin and the character Napoleon were similar in gaining power
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