Comparing Nelson Mandela And Mahatma Gandhi

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Have you ever felt the need to stand up to someone? That 's like fighting for people 's rights. You know what you think is right and you stand up for it. Picture a person 's right is like a little kid being bullied by people who think their right is wrong. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi were both strong leaders. They stood up for the rights they believed in and didn 't back down. Gandhi 's close read showed how powerful and great he was. Nelson Mandela 's close read showed how he want to stop the hate on different colored people. Both of these leader sacrificed stuff in order to fight for the rights they believed in.The Nelson Mandela text was more persuasive because the text had more information in the text about what he did right, and what he sacrificed.
Ghandi was very kind and he showed it in many ways. His close read said how he fought for people who were oppressed. He took great honor in doing this. It says how we should praise him. In paragraph 1 it says, “And so if we praise him, our words seem rather small, and if we praise him, to some extent we also praise ourselves.” He suffered greatly by doing it, yet his face never stopped smiling. In paragraph 2 it says, “Yet ultimately things happened which no doubt made him suffer tremendously, though his tender face never lost its smile and he never spoke a harsh word to anyone.” The text also said how he trained us and we failed him. It said that every great thing eventually fades.
Nelson Mandela wanted to stop
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