Comparing Nemo And Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Imagine this, your miles and miles away from home and your one goal is to get back. Well, Nemo and Odysseus both had this goal. Nemo got taken all the way across the ocean away from his home, family and friends, and saftey. Odysseus did too, he and his men had to go fight the Trojans across the ocean. Nemo and Odysseus are both the main characters in the story, where they go through many trials that challenges them to get where they are. But in spite of this, there differences it still helps them get back home. They are similar because both of them had many trials to get back home. They are different because Nemo was very persistent in getting home, in which Odysseus stays in different places for quite some time and then moving on. They…show more content…
The first way is Nemo got taken back to a fish tank inside of a dentist office, and Odysseus got trapped on an island with the man eating cyclops. Another trial is that Nemo had to try and make the tank dirty so he could escape. Odysseus had to figure out a way to turn his men back from pigs so they could continue on their way back home. Also Nemo had to figure out how to get from his fish bag and into the toilet that would take him back to the ocean. Odysseus also had to steer his ship past a whirl pool and a 7 head sea monster.

Nemo and Odysseus were also different, on their way back home Nemo was more persistent on getting back. In the movie “Finding Nemo” he never stopped trying and gave up. But there were times that Odysseus stayed places for long periods of time. He stopped trying at times and kind of paused his journey. It took him 20 years to get back home. But it didn’t take Nemo nearly as long.

Both, Nemo and Odysseus, needed help to get home. Without Athena Odysseus wouldn’t have had the cleverness to get out of the situations he got in. In which case, without her he would have died. Then Odysseus would had never get home. Nemo need the help of the fish that was inside of the tank with him. They helped Nemo get inside the filter so he could make the tank dirty. Then the seagull flew in the window to distract the dentist so Nemo could get flushed down the toilet and back out to the
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