Comparing Neuron In Beowulf And The Fight With Gren

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Although Sauron from Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Grendel from Beowulf and the Fight with Grendel are both evil monsters, major distinctions between them makes Sauron more monstrous. Firstly, Sauron’s destructive power is greater than Grendel’s destructive power. Sauron rules over an army of orcs and mighty mystical beings. Using the army, Sauron establishes his destructive power in two major instances; the assault on Gondor and the final battle at the black gate. During both conflicts, Sauron’s army causes major casualties to the armies of men. Grendel, although powerful, causes destruction on a significantly smaller scale. Grendel has proficient fighting abilities and great strength as he manages to easily tear Hondscio apart limb by limb. However, he is easily subdued and defeated by Beowulf. Since…show more content…
Sauron brings immense destruction to middle earth throughout the film. Particularly, his army was able to sack the city Gondor killing men, women and children. Grendel haunts Heorot keep, devouring people within the hall after dusk. Grendel’s presence made the people of Heorot live in fear ever since the hall was built. Furthermore, Grendel is able to devour Hondscio during Beowulf’s attempt to defeat Grendel. Since Grendel’s accomplishments only affected the lives of a few people, Sauron’s destruction of thousands of lives makes him more monstrous. Lastly, Sauron’s motives for destruction are more malicious than those of Grendel’s. Grendel’s motives for assaulting Heorot keep are those that match his animal instincts; to search for food. In contrast, Sauron’s motives are purely evil as he desires total domination of Middle Earth. His motives are evident when he attempts to overtake middle earth, starting with Gondor. Since Sauron’s motives for destruction are completely malicious while Grendel’s may simply be animal instinct, Sauron’s purely evil motives make him more
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