Comparing Nietzsche And The Film Groundhog Day

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Imagine your life as an “eternal Hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again” . Philosopher Nietzsche explained on the idea and viewed life as a reoccurrence. He had a theory that all events in your lifetime will reoccur again and again. The film Groundhog Day as a similar event happened to the main character Phil where he is reliving the same day over and over. In my essay I will explain the similar and differences from Nietzsche eternal return and the film Groundhog Day . In the film Groundhog Day the main character Phil is local weatherman where is catches himself reliving the same day after day. Due to this reoccurrence Phil able to do as he pleases, he decides to take full advantage of the situation. Phil stated, “I’m not going to live by the rules and more!” At first Phil used his freedom for his advantage to get what he wanted to, He dated girls he wanted but realize there where to easy to get and got bored. Throughout this time Phil tries to attempt suicide a few time but realize he just wakes up on the same day each time so he knew it was unless to take the easy way out. Maybe after day or even years Phil decides to improve his life and change the way he behaves and changes his attitude towards others. He starts to learn about the people from the…show more content…
Nietzsche concept on eternal return compared to the film Groundhog Day, is not every similar. Nietzsche eternal return is based on your whole life being relived where as the films eternal return is based on one day. Nietzsche has the quote “This life, with all of its pain and sorrows, provides us with challenges, and an opportunity to perfect ourselves according to our own ideals.” If we had the opportunity relive just one day to make it perfect many of us will do it. But what most don’t know if that it could take years to make that day perfect and that what message was more about and the concept of eternal

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