Comparing OMG And Loving Krishna

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The films OMG and Loving Krishna gave different senses of “Hinduism.” In Loving Krishna, the focus was on the puja, the ritualistic dimension of religion and the outward behavior. In OMG, the focus was on the personal finding of Krishna and devotion, the inner understanding or self-realization that religion is more than the outer experience of religious devotion. In OMG Krishna helps the main character realize that the devotion given to gods is not the purpose of religion. He realizes that men are limited in their understanding through their focus on the outer world of idols and rituals. Once he looks inside himself, he sees the connections among the religions and that Krishna is within all and that true religion is found within himself. The message of OMG was saying not to worship deities as images but just to have love and devotion for…show more content…
Flueckiger says that different people interpret differently whether their puja is actually feeding the deity or whether it is a sign of devotion (Flueckiger 93). Among people who do worship the images, there are some people who see it as the murti is just there as a way to “concentrate” and others who the deity is actually there inside the murti (Flueckiger 78-79). Loving Krishna showed the creation that can come out of this devotion. It showed the artists who made things to be used in the puja, like the drums, the clothes, and the conch shell. In OMG, it is not about creation but about the waste. Kanji talked in court about the waste that happened for example when they offered milk to Shiva and it just goes down the drain. In Loving Krishna, it showed how the food and other offerings are shared with the people afterwards to eat. In Flueckiger she says how Prasad should be shared with people and even if they are not going to eat it, it should not be wasted (Flueckiger

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