Comparing Odysseus And The Sirens In Homer's The Odyssey

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The first part of a long journey.The sirens can be described as loud,pretty,and unnatural.While the crewmen are relaxed and calm.Odysseus is trying to get untied,since he can hear the sirens beautiful song.The painting or image communicates the idea that they follow the ships trying to get them onto the island, while book twelve of "The Odyssey" communicates they stay on the island. The sirens and Odysseus share similarities and also differences throughout this paragraph.The sirens are trying to knock Odysseus and his men off course,in addition to that Odysseus has also knocked him and his men off course.Sirens have been cursed to live in a bird suit and need help,more so Odysseus as also been cursed by a god his curse will allow him to go home under rough circumstances.Sirens draw in men by "acting" or singing of needing help whenever boats or when come into view.Odysseus receives help from Circe who tells him of what is to come on his journey home,which gives him little help but great warning.The sirens do need help but whenever they sing for the help to come, the men die on the island and those who don't forget the song that is so "beautiful". In some ways Odysseus and the sirens are different.Odysseus is selfish he gets his men in danger, yet they treat him so kindly
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