Comparing Odysseus And Ulysses In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey and Ulysses were meant to be the same character written by two different individuals. Both individuals encountered obstacles at some point in their lives. Odysseus and Ulysses were both considered a hero in today’s society along with their similar characteristics. The heroic qualities and themes presented in both pieces of the literature work emphasized the similarity between the two characters along with their differences. In The Odyssey, Odysseus was a major hero of the novel. He had both heroic traits and human weaknesses. Odysseus defeated the Cyclops, defeated the suitors that were courting his wife, and overcome other challenges throughout the novel. A special trait that made Odysseus a hero was that he was a courageous…show more content…
In the entire poem, it mentioned Ulysses longing to go away and adventure. His longing occurred because he was curious about the world and to satisfy that curiosity, he desired to travel to answer his questions. His curiosity about the things around him and the world allowed for him to adventure and his will to continue wondering. Differently, Odysseus’s curiosity sometimes caused trouble for him. Odysseus was curious about various things going on around him at his obstacles, which lead to trouble for him sometimes. During his occurance with the Cyclops, his curiosity became the root of his problem. He was curious to roam the island where he met the Cyclops and got trapped. His curiosity lead to a problem but he managed to escape by tricking the Cyclops. Even during the Siren’s call, he wanted to listen to them. In order to listen to them, he strapped himself to the ship so he could not get away and steer the ship the wrong way. His curiosity caused some problems in the novel but he managed to escape using his intelligence. In The Odyssey and Ulysses, both characters are similar heroes who overcame many challenges throughout their journey. However, they have a few differences from one another. One major longing of Ulysses was to go away from home and travel. His main goal was to adventure in life and fulfil all of the things he was curious about
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