Comparing Odysseus Wreck It Ralph And Homer's Odyssey

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Wreck it Ralph V.S Odyssey Hero Journey In almost all films and pieces of literature a hero’s journey is portrayed. A hero’s journey is an archetype present in all cultures and time periods. In a hero’s journey there are four main parts; however, there could be more. The four main parts are separation, initiation, discovery, and lastly return. In both the movie Wreck it Ralph and the epic poem The Odyssey there is a hero’s journey. Although, these two stories are very different they have many similarities and differences. The movie Wreck it Ralph hero’s journey starts out with a call to adventure. In the movie Ralph is the “bad guy.” Ralph has always longed for a metal, but has never been able to get one, because he is a bad guy. One afternoon…show more content…
Odysseus did not want to go war because his son, Telemachus, was just born but he went anyways. Odysseus’s abyss occurred when he sees the prophecy and saw that his mom died and everyone was still grieving. In The Odyssey there were many initiations but the most significant one was, when Odysseus and his men find the cyclops and they are not able to escape. To enable the men to escape Odysseus gets the cyclops drunk, then stabs him in the eye, and then escapes riding on the bottom of the sheep. Finally his return was when Odysseus returns to Ithica he finds that other men are trying to take over his throne. Odysseus was not very happy and takes up action against these men. After defeating all the men, Odysseus was able to get his wife back, and take back control over his kingdom. In some ways one could say The Odyssey is a metaphor for life. It could be a metaphor because both life and Odysseus journey are long, and both are filled with good and bad times. Other than Wreck it Ralph and The Odyssey both follow the hero journey there is many similarities and differences. One prime example of their similarity is that both have romantic interest in their journey. Odysseus has multiple occasions when he has an affair on his wife. One example when he was Calypsos Island. In Wreck it Ralph Fix-It Felix falls in love with this
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