Comparing Odysseus's Strengths And Weaknesses

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Odyssey Final Essay

My final will be about Odysseus and about his strengths and weaknesses

Which helped him and Hindered him throughout the book. His strengths helped him to keep on moving while his weaknesses held him back.

For example some of his strengths was that he had courage, intelligence, ambition and nobility. His courage shows that when one of his shipmates is down or scared that he will be their to lift them up and he could pick them up and push them to keep on going. He also had intelligence like when him and his shipmates landed on the island of the cyclopes’ he was very smart when him and his men were captured by a Cyclops’ he had created a plan to escape, his plan was to blind the Cyclops’ then tie each person
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Like he was overconfident, ambition and a thriving lust for women. One example of him showing his weakness is when he kept his men in a cave on the island of circe for a year. Another weakness is he is overconfident, like when he had defeated the cyclopes and he had begun taunting him which caused the cyclopes to get angry and aggravated. His final weakness was ambition and even though he had ambition as a strength he also has it as a weakness because he will do anything to succeed, even though it means that he has to sacrifice some of his men and a ship.

In one of the conflicts in the odyssey was Helio’s and his cattle. Before leaving circe's island she warns odysseus not to eat Helios sacred cattle, but when they got there odysseus tells his men not to eat the cattle, but after one month of staying on Helios island, the hunger men eat the cattle which anger Helios. The only way for Helios to become calm is to kill all that has eaten the cow, therefore odysseus must sacrifice all of his men to calm Helios.

In conclusion odysseus strengths and weaknesses had shaped the story into what it is today and also helped developed odysseus character. I liked this story because i can relate to odysseus and how he has those good intentions and those bad
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