Comparing Of Mice And Men And Susan Glaspell's Trifles

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Realism is portrayed in both John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and Susan Glaspell’s Trifles. They both have similarities and differences regarding the tenets of verisimilitude. Of Mice and Men mostly relates to the harsh realities in everyday life, while Trifles focuses more on the importance of scientific studies and processes. The similarity that both of these stories have in common is that the characters in both stories are more important that the plot of the story. Of Mice and Men is a harsh reality within itself. George and Lennie are very close friends. George acts as a “big brother” role in Lennie’s life. Lennie is a slow minded fellow that portrays more of a child like presence. He enjoys touching soft articles which then leads him into some trouble. Curley, a man on the farm that George and Lennie are working on, has a wife that has very soft hair. Consequently, Lennie began to stroke her hair. It made her very…show more content…
When trying to solve a murder, you must have a case. When the characters discover that Mrs. Wright's pet canary’s neck was snapped, they immediately put the mystery together. They realize that since Mr. Wright had killed Mrs. Wright’s canary, the only animal that kept her company, Mrs. Wright wanted to get revenge on her husband. This resulted in Mrs. Wright killing him with a rope. All of this thinking and analysis required some type of scientific process. The characters in Of Mice and Men and Trifles are more important than the plot of the story. Lennie is an example of a character that is more important than the plot. If Lennie was not a slow minded person, the plot of the story could not have happened. In Trifles, Mrs. Wright was not right in the mind. She was a crazy lady. She killed her husband for killing her canary. If one kills a person for killing an animal, they are not in a good mental state. Both of these characters were very crucial parts of the story’s
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