Comparing Othello And Oedipus The King

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The definition of a tragedy is a narrative poem or story that describes the downfall of a good man. Both Othello and King Oedipus Rex Fall into this class of literature, even though they were written by two totally different authors and in two utterly different time periods. These two works share several comparisons to every different, while having an honest quantity of variations similarly. Pride is characterized as one of the seven deadliest sins. Most pleased individuals will never see themselves as to be genuinely glad until they encounter the results of their pride. Sophocles and Shakespeare both location this situation in their plays Oedipus Rex and Othello. Through their honorability, their appalling imperfections, the fall these blemishes…show more content…
Oedipus ' pride is uncovered in his conviction that he is more prominent than the divine beings. He trusts that he is equipped for setting up his own particular fate separated from the divine beings ' control or offer assistance. At the point when the cleric, toward the start of the story, asks Oedipus to help the general population in the season of starvation and inconvenience, he states, "It was God / That aided you, men say, and you are held / With God 's assistance to have saved our lives" (43-45) The minister is alluding to Oedipus ' response to the puzzle of the Sphinx, which conveyed the general population of Thebes from the Sphinx 's abuse. Later, be that as it may, Oedipus ' pride is uncovered when talking about the same occasion, he says: "But I came, / Oedipus, who knew nothing, and I stopped her. / I solved the riddle by my wit alone" (433-35). Othello likewise experiences the hamartia of pride. His pride, in any case, comes from his unreliability concerning his appearance and social graces. His dad-in-law discusses Othello 's "sooty bosom" in reference to his blackness (1.2.69). Othello concedes openly that he is "rude . . . in [his] speech" (1.3.81). Lastly, knowledge is given to this appearance through the expressions of Brabantio, his dad-in-law, who talks suspiciously of his little girl 's…show more content…
Teiresias conspicuously tells Oedipus reality of what is going on around him, and Oedipus rejects all he says. Oedipus ' pride blinds him to all the proof that focuses to him as the killer of his own dad. At the point when Jocasta tells Oedipus the subtle elements of Laius ' homicide, Oedipus is excessively uninformed, making it impossible to see that he was the person who killed the past lord and put a condemnation upon himself. "Oedipus: I solemnly forbid the people of this country, where power and throne are mine, ever to receive that man or speak to him, no matter who he is, or let him join in sacrifice, lustration, or in prayer. I decree that he be driven from every house, being, as he is, corruption itself to us: the Delphic Voice of Zeus has pronounced this revelation. Thus I associate myself with the oracle and take the side of the murdered king" (168.20-28). Oedipus is telling the people of Thebes not to accept the king 's murderer, when in truth they already have. Since he is the man he is looking for, it is impossible to tell if he will go through with his word and kill the true "murderer" as he says in his soliloquy. The sole credit that Sophocles had given Oedipus is when he begins to piece the different stories together. The story that the people say about Laius ' death is that he was murdered by many men, not just one man whereas Oedipus was one man who killed many
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