Comparing Perceval And Lancelot In Knightly Times

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Knightly Times Everyone has heard of the knightly tales of the knights from King Author’s court at least once in their life. There are two sides of these tales that stand out. One side being about chivalric code and the other side about courtly love. Chrétien de Troyes writes these two sides in the two stories Perceval and Lancelot. The story of Perceval follows a boy growing and becoming a knight. Yes Perceval falls for a girl and they promise to wed, but the story is all about Perceval learning the chivalric code. It is known that the story was written for a male patron. Since this was dedicated to a man, this book had to be about chivalric code. When the Perceval first sees the grail, he does not speak up. He was told that he speaks too much and because of this he keeps silent. He keeps silent to be more like a knight, but by keeping too silent he comes off as being rude. We later found out that he could have healed to Fisher King’s wound just by asking about the bloody lance. Perceval is still in the process of learn about the knightly code. When a woman reads a book, she wants the stereotypical romance story. She wants…show more content…
He earns this name in a small scene that sticks with him through the book. The dwarf offering to tell him where the Queen is located says Lancelot has to ride on the cart before he gets any information. Riding on the cart is a great dishonor at that time. People only ride on the cart when that have committed a crime. Here is a tricky situation. If Lancelot gets on the cart, he brings dishonor to his name. If Lancelot does not get on the cart, he does not show his love for the Queen and he also brings dishonor to his knightly hood for not doing everything in his power to save his lady. Either way Lancelot picks, he can not win. Lancelot chooses to get on the cart, but not before hesitating a few steps. This hesitation will come back to haunt him for showing weakness. A knight should never show
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