Comparing Piggy And Ralph In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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In William Golding’s “Lord Of The Flies” the characters of Piggy and Ralph display a variety of similarities and differences. These features tell who the characters really are and how they will survive on the island together. Their characteristics help you learn more about them. As in their physique, courage, and their intellect. These two boys look at things in a completely different way, they have two completely different personalities. As you read this book you will learn that Piggy goes from being scared to becoming the leader for a pack. But Ralph is the main leader and he wouldn't let anyone take his place. Piggy and Ralph looked at this very differently, Piggy wanted to keep the fire going so they would eventually get rescued by a boat that was passing by. Like in the beginning of the story, they all see a boat and Piggy freaks out because he can't see the smoke of the boat, page 66. Piggy says, “i can't see no smoke...Ralph,where is it?” This shows how scared and afraid Piggy was in this moment. But Ralph is…show more content…
But just like Piggy, if anyone laughs or makes fun of him, he gets super embarrassed. Piggy always gets embarrassed about things, like if they laugh at him or towards him, he feels like they are making fun of him which makes him feel awful about himself. the first time you notice this is in the beginning on page 21, it says, “for the moment the boys were a closed circuit...he went very pink, bowed his head, and cleaned his glasses again.” In this story these two characters show who they are towards the end. But at the beginning of the book they both act like two completely different people compared to who they are at the end. Piggy and Ralph both did have really good ideas to get rescued, like Ralph had the idea to start a fire but Piggy was the one who wanted to keep it going. So i think if they would have sticked together and not fought then they all would have

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