Comparing Pill Bags And Sow Bodies

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Pill bugs and sow bugs are similar names that been give for land isopod. They are crustaceans in the order of Isopoda that are usually found in both terrestrial and aquatic, even though many isopods are found mainly in aquatic, only pill bug and sow bug are found exclusive in the land. Pill and sow bugs are been classify as arthropod phylum of Arthropoda.The body of a pill or sow bug consists of three main parts which are head, thorax and abdomen. The head contains two antennae and mouth parts. The head is a fuse to the first segment of the thorax. The thorax is composed of seven segments, each contains one pair of similar size joint legs.When they expose to moisture, only pill bugs roll up to a ball while sow bugs lack of the ability as they

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