Comparing Poems 'If We Must Die And Invictus'

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To yield is grievous, but the obstinate soul That fights with Fate, is smitten grievously.-Creon Antigone goes against the King's law in order to honor her brother and do what she believes is right. Knowing that death is unavoidable if she chooses to go down that path doesn't bother because she believes that living a morley dishonorable life is worse than living no life at all. Antigone wants to be in charge of her own life and wants to be the controller of her own fate. Between the two poems “If We Must Die” by Claude Mckay and ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley the poem that best represents Antigone character is ‘Invictus’. “If We Must Die”by Claude Mckay places emphasis on a meaningful death and never giving up even when the odds aren't in your favor. McKay lectures,“Like men we'll face murderous cowardly pack pressed to the wall dying but fighting back,” McKay,13-14) " the speaker knows that the odds are not in his favor yet he continues to give it his all. To McKay, the honor of knowing that you put in everything you had right up until the last minute is very important. McKay like Antigone do what they think is right and don't worry about what the end result might be.McKay announces “ the monsters we defy shall be constrained to honor us though dead”( McKay 7-8). McKay refers to his enemies as ‘monsters’ who he defies and this can signify many things such as (in Antigone) the government. Having your enemy acknowledge your wisdom and courage even…show more content…
In conclusion,although both poems have concepts and themes that represent Antigone,“Invictus” by William Ernest Henley is a superior choice.This poem portrays a better representation of Antigone's character than “If We Must Die” By Claude Mckay.“Invictus’” theme of being undefeated,even when faced with a severe test matches best with the theme of Antigone's spirit over “If We Must Die”’s theme of

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