Comparing Poe's The Raven And The Fall Of The House Of

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How can a normal human being remain sane with such mysterious events occurring all around them? In Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven,” and the short story “The Fall of the House of the Usher,” both the speaker and narrator have been messed around with their sanity throughout their tales. Although both suffer intense dreadful events, the narrator survives the horrendous events with the Usher family and escapes the frightening curse of the Usher family. As the narrator holds a grip on reality, the speaker isn’t so fortunate with his lost maiden, Lenore. The speaker suffers with a talking forbidding raven, and falls deeply into despair. In the beginning of Poe’s tales, we find out both speaker and narrator will be taken place taken place…show more content…
The speaker have fallen into despair over his lost love, Lenore, slowly and harshly breaking his mind and heart due to baffling raven, and response harshly “Leave my loneliness unbroken!...” (100). However, the narrator experience many horrific occurrence in his tale. A devastating moment of the narrator tale is the when Rodrick Usher was muttering to himself on his chair about him hearing strange noises for days, and he finally confessed about them burying his sister alive and desperately trying to escape, and claims “yes, I hear it, and have heard it.” And when the outburst of Rodrick sister appearance, and she fell heavily inward upon his brother. The narrator fled swiftly away from the mansion and witness the mansion vanishing into the swamp into bits and pieces. As the results, the mind of the narrator of “Usher” isn’t bizarre as the speaker of “The Raven”. The narrator doesn’t have experience living in a huge domain, so he doesn’t know how it feel like to be in a domain all by himself. Yet, he doesn’t have an internal conflict with his life, the speaker of “The Raven” has a miserable depression of his lost love, Lenore. Following that he lives in a domain all by himself, and with all of the emptiness and depression he is holding is causing his to slowly go insane with an odd
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