Comparing Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart And Masque Of Red Death

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Poe uses symbolism a lot in his stories to make his writing have a more eerie feeling.”The Tell-Tale Heart” and “Masque of Red Death” both have symbols that induce fear into the main characters hearts.In The Tell-Tale Heart Poe writes “...for it was no the old man who vexed me but his evil eye “(75).The narrator kills an innocent old man for that hr thought the old man's eyes were judging.Although the old man just had cataracts ,the narrator could not stand the man for his eye he compared looked as vulture's eye.The narrator was afraid of this old man and his “evil eye”. The narrator was so consumed with the man's eye that he killed him just to get rid of the man's judgment. Though there were some repercussions with his immoral choices,he cannot take the terrible things…show more content…
That's why he was so nervous for the guilt took over him,which exposed him to the cops. The same fear is present is in Masque of Red Death.In Masque of Red Death Edgar writes,” All these and security were within.Without the Red Death “(57).Prince Prospero has been running away from death,and he has tried to hide and escape from hiding in his castle to running away from the red death in the end. Prince Prospero was a tyrant ,for he was letting his people die well his was hiding in his castle.The Prince had kept running from Red death for he was
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