Comparing Poetry In Bruno Mars 'And Sonnet 130'

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Poetry is a type of writing in which the outflow of emotions and thoughts are expressed by writers in rhyme, comparisons and representations. Poetry has been used for a significant long time to show humor, romance and to impart feeling to others, for example, it could be about something interesting, exciting that happened on your approach to class and you want to recall it. In now days, poetry has been used as lyrics as a part of the subject matter of the song. The song "just the way you are" by Bruno Mars and the poem “Sonnet 130" by William Shakespeare are a piece of poetry. Both writers have described the lady they cherish utilizing rhymes. The poem and song bargain the same point, yet with an alternate methodology.
While going through the similarities in the two writings. I see that the writers have their own thoughts and way of communicating to the reader about their mistresses for example, in the “Sonnet 130” Shakespeare tells the reader regarding how unattractive the mistress is to the speaker, yet despite everything he cherishes her. When the song “Just the way you are” Mars tells the reader concerning how beautiful his love is to him and he doesn’t need her to change. At last both writers
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When using a different style and voice in a writing, the expression on the readers can change by a whole criteria, for example, Mars uses a more sympathetic way of writing in his lyrics by perfecting his love by telling the readers her strength. This affects the poem by giving the reader an optimistic view of Mars. Whereas, Shakespeare uses more of an opposing writing by telling the reader about his mistresses many weaknesses and bad points, this gives a negative view to the reader about the speaker. In a flash, a script can change the readers view from positive to negative or negative to
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