Comparing Point Of View In Young Goodman Brown And A & P

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Point of View is the way an author wants his or her readers to focus their attention on. Some authors may emphasize important details by using vivid imagery. Point of view lets the readers know the character’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. In the short fictional story, “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the story is told by an outside viewer, on the other hand, the short story “A&P” ,by John Updike, is told by the main character Sammy. The short stories may have different point of views though they both are similar through conflict.
In the short story “A&P” by John Updike, the protagonist, Sammy, is telling the story through his eyes. Sammy is a 19-year-old boy that is a store clerk in a 1960’s New England grocery store called A&P. The young clerk begins to tell the story about three young ladies who enter the store wearing only their bathing suits. The clerk gives us his thoughts on the girls, his job, and his feelings he has about the two. If the story was told by the young girls, the point of view will completely change. We would know their thoughts, why they entered the store and why Sammy didn’t receive any attention from the girls. If the story was told through Lengel’s eyes,the store manager, then we
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If the young girls would have never entered the A&P store, Sammy would never lose focus on his tasks nor quit his committed job. If Goodman Brown didn’t enter the woods, he would have never been encountered with the man that appeared to be the devil and Faith wouldn’t worry about him entering the woods. In the excerpt, “A&P”, we find out the characters actions and sayings through Sammy. Sammy also reveals to the readers his thoughts and feelings. In “Young Goodman Brown”, we receive some of the character’s thoughts and feelings in the beginning,however; towards the end of the story the majority of the character’s thoughts and feelings are
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