Comparing Poncia's 'And The Virgin Suicides'

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When referring to her late husband, Poncia describes, “Then he acted very decently. Instead of getting some other idea, he went for raising birds, until he died. You aren't married but it's good for you to know, anyway, that two weeks after the wedding a man gives up the bed for the table, then the table for the tavern, and the woman who doesn't like it can just rot, weeping in a corner” (Lorca 53). Similarly to The Virgin Suicides, this passage describes the idea of love as salvation. The girls live under Bernarda's strict regime and, like Lux, idealize love as a way out, a way not only to flee from their mother's tyrannical eye but also to express their sexuality in an appropriate way. However, La Poncia makes clear that marriage is just
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