Comparing Poverty In Shakespeare's Macbeth And Me '

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Macbeth And Me
In this essay I have two different stories and to explain and one to put the two together to compare and contrast them. In the first paragraph there will be an opinion based response to the emotional poverty that Macbeth faces and deals with in the play. Most people think of poverty as the amount or non amount of money that you have, but it really means what you are lacking in your life not just the best pair of shoes but the physical, mental, or emotional point of life. After that, I will discuss one happening in my life that related to poverty and then compare and contrast Macbeth and myself in the different poverties. Where I felt poverty in my life was losing my grandmother to cancer.
In the play called Macbeth by William
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I woke up one morning heading to school when my mom got a call and heard that she has died and couldn't believe it, so I totally changed as a person for that day emotionally by zoning people out and being in my own world. The thing that really affected was that she used to be the motivation for me to go to church and help the community with elderly luncheons and sending clothes through the church back to Russia. I began to lose concentration of the church since Ii had no one to keep me in the loop and away from all of the emotional that has built up inside of me through the lose of my grandmother. This kind of poverty can soon be taken or go away later in my life but in the moment through the years I totally forgot about it and was…show more content…
The similarities are that what knowledge was gained on Macbeth's part and what was lost on my part. It was both shown in the rest of our lives as only thinking about that one thing and nothing else in the world mattered anymore to us, but in the end we both were able to overcome the poverty and realize what is more important in life. Unfortunately Macbeth realized it a little too late but I am still able to continue rebuilding my emotions back. So obviously there were not too many similarities in our lives without

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