Comparing 'Ragged Rock And Norse Mythology's'

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In the book, Summerland, the legend of Ragnarok is alluded to as ‘Ragged Rock’, and is the event that Ethan is trying to prevent. There are many differences and similarities between Summerland’s ‘Ragged Rock’ and Norse mythology’s ‘Ragnarok’ such as both of the terms meaning the end of the worlds in their respective stories. If one knew the tale of Ragnarok before reading the book, then it would be easier to understand Summerland because one would know where Chabon got the term ‘Ragged Rock’ from. Also, the novel does not mention or paint a clear picture of what exactly ‘Ragged Rock’ is and what happens during it. Another similarity between the novel and the myth is that both have someone surviving the end of the world. In Summerland, Coyote
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