Comparing Ralph And Jack In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Neve Ahrend Lord of the Flies essay Ralph and Jacks differences stem from wanting the same thing, to be leader. Ralph uses his time as leader to build a democracy, while Jack becomes that of a dictator. The morals both boys have start out the same, but while Ralph maintains the same values and morals, Jacks start to twist. Finally, in both of their situations, Ralph and Jack face many descision making situations where they could choose to benefit themselves, or they could benefit everyone, in most cases Jack chooses himself and Ralph chooses everybody. Using these points, Ralph is the better leader. Under Ralph's ruling, the island starts out as…show more content…
Jack supports and agrees to the rules at first, but towards the end it becomes Ralph constantly reminding Jack about the rules while Jack blows them off. After simon's death, Ralph realizes that what happened was murder. (pg.172) In addition, Ralph feels guilty right up to the end of the book for Simons death. Jack however denies Simon's death, he plays it off as if Simon actually was the beast, just in disguise (pg. 177) and then completely forgets about it. Jack slowly loses his morals as a civilised human being as he adopts the mindset of a savage. Ralphs greatest conflict is keeping the fire going so they have a chance at being rescued, or letting the others do what they want and staying as a well liked chief. Ralph chooses the fire over himself because he understands that in the long run, its better to be hated and rescued than to be slowly go insane stranded on an island. Jack focuses his descisions on his wants over other needs. He lets the fire go out to hunt because hunting quells his want to feel important. Jack doesnt take their situation seriously. He is so focused on being better than Ralph and showing him one up that he spends no time thinking about how theyre going to get off the island. As
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