Comparing Ray Bradbury's The Lake And The Emissary

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Ray Bradbury was an American fantasy, science fiction, horror and mystery fiction author, but isn’t with us anymore. He was amazing and really unique. He used to think out of the box for each of his short stories. His most popular book was “The Fahrenheit 451”. He expresses his self throughout his stories with his thoughts and creativity. Two examples of his short stories are “The Lake” and “The Emissary”. These stories have meaningful themes that are similar but expressed differently, and Bradbury uses the theme to teach us something about life that we might know.

Ray Bradbury’s short stories “The Lake” and “The Emissary” have strong themes.
In the Emissary the theme is that, a loved one can’t die, that they will always be …show more content…

In the Emissary and the Lake both of the characters in it lost a loved one but, they did come back, their soul was alive. Bradbury expressed this by his creepy twist of dead coming back to life as company, or a dead body. If you thing about it. why did Tally show up on the day Harold came back, why not some other day, like there was enough days in 20 years. This was because she loved him and was waiting for him to come back, she wanted to be near him, to meet him again. Bradbury probably used this theme to help the ones who lost a loved one. This will calm them more because they’ll realize that their loved one is always with them, alive deep inside their heart. A loved one never dies because they are loved by someone and exists in someone’s memory. As long as someone remembers you, and has memories you can never die. This also points out that even though Bradbury is dead, he was loved by many and still is. This means he’s still alive throughout people’s love and his wonderful works. This also shows that a loved one can’t

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