Comparing Relationships In The Night Runner 'And Twilight'

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Love Hath No Boundaries
A relationship is not based on just two people, but of the foundation of trust, commitment and effort. Both people need to put in the same effort so as to make the relationship work. Without either, the relationship is doomed. The Night Runner, written by Max Turner and Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke express a similar theme, how the differences between two people will not intrude in the relationship if they are really in love. This occurs because there is a way to make the relationship work, which can be done by acknowledging and also accepting each other’s differences as well as having the same mentality.
The theme of how differences between two people does not intrude in the relationship is expressed in
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In the Night Runner, and Twilight, this way of making sure the relationship of the main characters perseveres is shown in two respective ways. Having the same mentality in a relationship is like having every piece fit into place. In the Night Runner, and Twilight, this way of making sure the relationship of the main characters works is shown in two different manners. In the book, Zach’s girlfriend, Luna, is not a vampire so she does not think the same way he does and vice versa. The obvious solution to this is for her to become a vampire. Having two people who are much alike, in this case vampires, makes things much easier. Zach and Luna will both have the thirst for hunger, so neither will think ill of the other for killing an animal/human as it is necessary to live. And so, the love story of two vampires commences: “‘I woke up hungry- I mean, really hungry,’ he said. ‘So she’s one of us now.’ One of us. I smiled. That meant she wasn’t dead. I might see her again.” (Turner 256). Charlie, Zach’s best friend who turns into a vampire, courtesy of Zach, also turns Luna into a vampire because he is really hungry. Now that Zach and Luna are vampires, they think alike more than if she is not. The urge to kill for blood, disliking of the sun, and sharing the same feelings will all be amplified and shared with one another. This will help keep their relationship working and intact. Similarly, in Twilight, the protagonist, Bella even though she is not a vampire just yet, shares the same mentality as Edward. In the movie, Edward takes Bella to see his vampire family. Edward knows that she must not tell anybody about them. When talking with Rosalie, Edward’s adoptive sister, she threatens her when she says Bella will be the next meal if she tells anyone. Alice, Edward’s sister, also sees that she will eventually become a vampire, in the future for example, when Edward
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