Comparing Revenge In Romeo And Juliet And West Side Story

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Revenge is the action or infliction of harm towards someone who has wronged a person or someone they know. Revenge triggers and some do not understand the full effect it plays. Revenge hurts all involved including the innocent, is a theme to both Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet and the 1961 movie West Side Story; however, the two works separate by expressing different plots. I believe this theme exists in both of the works because both have characters who seek revenge and in the process hurt the innocent. For example in the conflict of Romeo and Juliet revenge is shown by Romeo and leads to discomfort for himself. “Thou,wretched boy, that didst consort him here, shalt with him hence,” (Tybalt Act 3,Scene 1,Line 127) “This shall determine that”(Romeo Act 3,Scene 1, Line 129) These two quotes from Romeo and Juliet show how Romeo seeks revenge on Tybalt for Mercutio’s death. This then hurts the innocent because, people from Romeo’s family are sad that he is banished and the Capulets are sad because Tybalt is deceased. In the movie West Side Story,Anita goes to the restaurant to find Tony and give him news but, the Sharks are at the restaurant and are violent. In this…show more content…
Near the end of the play Juliet is faking her death to be free with Romeo.“Peace,ho for shame! Confusion's cure lives not in these confusions”(Friar, Act 4,Scene 5, Line 65) This quote show revenge in Romeo and Juliet by proving that Juliet’s family is hurt by revenge that they caused. Therefore, there family’s own cause grief to themselves by seeking revenge on the Montagues. In the movie West Side Story Chino kills Tony for revenge on Bernado. This hurts all involved in the situation including the innocent who are not involved for example, Tony’s parents were not involved and still must deal with this loss. This shows how these two works show the same theme but, it also shows how the theme is expressed
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