Comparing Road Not Taken And Nim's Love Poem

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Robert Frost and John Frederick Nims are astounding poets from the 1900s. One of the many reasons why Robert Frost’s “Road Not Taken” and John Frederick Nim’s “Love Poem” are considered great pieces of literature is because of their brilliant use of literary devices throughout the poems. Their works have impacted not just the literature side of society, but every side of society through their sense of strong literary devices like point of view, metaphors, imagery, hyperbole, personification, and tone. In The Road Not Taken, Frost uses first person point of view in order to connect with his audience. In many lines, he uses “I” to show us it is his personal experience. For example, line 2 “And sorry I could not travel both,” the poet is telling…show more content…
The tone changes to a warm and loving sense as the poet makes a contrast between the clumsiness of his lover and her caring emotional self. This shift continues throughout the poem and shows the two sides of how the poet feels about his lover. “Nims takes a very realistic view of her and describes her clumsiness in great detail. Nims celebrates both the positive and negative aspects of his partner and explores the idea that true love is not built upon the belief that she is the perfect woman” (Baca 1). It’s a love that overcomes human faults. To sum it all up, both The Road Not Taken and Love Poem “play a unique role not simply in American literature, but in American culture —and in world culture as well” (Orr 2). We can see how literary devices shape and speak inside these poems. From the metaphoric road in The Road Not Taken and the grinning lipstick on the lover’s coat in Love Poem, literary devices are the true stars that make these poems great. In poetry it’s not so much what lines you are reading, but what you are reading in-between the lines that matter the
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