Comparing Robert Frost's Poems 'And The Road Not Taken'

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Aun: This is the general theme of the poem because both poets talk about how your decisions lead to your fulfillment. Robert Frost says that when you make big life decisions, it makes your life fulfilled. While Emerson’s approach to this idea is way different because he says that through making the decision to accept the spiritual world, you can transcend and reach fulfillment. The visual on the poster represents the theme because it has two ways representing the paths and how one leads to a light bulb showing being content and the other path leads to sad and happy mask which shows being happy or fulfilled. This means that when you make a decisions you will be fulfilled. Thomas: One quote we have is “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I keep, and pass, and turn again.” The quote shows someone considering their options and how it will lead to fulfillment.…show more content…
And that has made all the difference. ” The quote shows that one of the two options will hurt or create happiness and that makes a difference within the choice. The last quote we have is “Oh, I kept the first for another day! But thou, meek lover of the good!” the quote shows that the person will live on because they have make a decision that makes them content and happy. To summarize, the poems, The Road Not Taken, and, Brahma, are related because of they both talk about how humans are fulfilled through actions. In The Road Not Taken, the poem talks about how our choices define our character. In Brahma, the poem talks about how when we decide to accept the spiritual world, it gives us fulfillment. Both are poems that say that by taking certain actions, humans can define their character and reach
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