Comparing Romantic Writings In Mary Shelley's 'Mont. Blanc'

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On a summer day in 1816, a group of people visited the Mont Blanc, two of them were so mesmerized by the majestic mountain that they created two Romantic literature works. Percy Bysshe Shelley composed a poem called ‘ Mont Blanc’ whilst his future wife, Mary Shelley wrote a novel titled ‘Frankenstein’. Although they both witnessed the same view at the same time, there are similarity and difference in their perspectives regarding the scene, such as the writing style, the use of language etc. The task below is to compare and contrast the two given extracts from the two works. The first similarity is the main themes of the two passages taken from ‘Mont Blanc’ and ‘Frankenstein’ (henceforth named A and B) are both the description of the area surrounding Mont Blanc, the highest summit of the Alps in France. For the most part, they also illustrate the personal emotion aroused by the magnificent mountain. A and B are both written in the style of a first person narrative. In A, the poet starts by using a metaphor of the river to compare the inner thought of his own mind. The Romantic characteristic of a sublime can be detected here as he claims that ‘ Dizzy Ravine! And when I gaze on thee I seem in a trance sublime and strange’The powerful river awakens his interior conscious and transfers him into an imaginative ideal realm. He embodies the feeling of the journey of the water, which, resembles his mind, encompasses all the things in the universe. He and the nature thus become
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