Comparing Romeo And Juliet 'And Warm Bodies'

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Star-Crossed Lovers

Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare which explains a story about true love. Warm Bodies is a movie written by Jonathan Levine, which is based on the Romeo and Juliet love story, except with zombies. In both the play and movie, there are many significant similarities and differences with the star-crossed lovers. The definition for star-crossed lovers is a relationship “thwarted” (prevented) from outside forces.Throughout both, love is the key theme.

After reading Romeo and Juliet, then watching Warm Bodies, you can clearly see the parallels between the two. Romeo and Juliet, Rrrrr and Julie, and the balcony scene. In both tales, Romeo/R both call to their loves. Romeo tells Juliet that he loves her and R comes to tell Julie that he misses her. And in both tales, the bedrooms obviously both have balconies which is very significant.

Throughout both the play and the movie, the hatred from the feuding Capulet/Montague family and
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Romeo kills himself after thinking Juliet is dead when he see’s her laying in the church. When she awakens, she finds herself next to a dying Romeo, then kisses him, maybe in luck to sneak some of the poison as well, She doesn’t receive any. Juliet can’t live without Romeo, so she daggers herself. In Warm Bodies, with Rrr and Julie being chased, they decided to jump off building together. Rrr uses his zombie body as a pillow for Julie, for her to live. The difference of the two is that Rrr and Julie both live, and he gains his humanity back. All of it.

Both Montague and Capulet families make up after their children’s death. The humans and zombies come to realization that they are all very similar. Romeo and Juliet portrayed love, romance and war of enemies as well as Warm Bodies. In conclusion, even with similarities and differences, love is more powerful than zombies or parents. Love is more powerful than anything. Love protects and love
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