Comparing Romiette And Julio By Sharon Drape

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"Once a man has won a woman 's love, the love is his forever. He can only lose the woman."~Robert Brault. That 's how the plot went in the story of "Romeo and Juliet". It was fascinating because it was filled with umpteen of details and I was able to paint pictures of the stories. All in all, though, the plot really amused me and I couldn 't wait to see what would happen at the end. I liked the way the stories kept me tied up and that it wasn 't just a predictable fairy tale. I loved the ending of the stories because it didn 't just lay everything out flat. But it left me imagining what would go on to happen between the two couples. On the other hand, a story was published in 2001 under the title "Romiette and Julio" written by Sharon Drape. The story is very similar to Shakespeare 's…show more content…
First and foremost, let 's elucidate about the similarities of their life and backgrounds. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo was the son of the Montagues and Juliet was the daughter of the Capulets. Plus, this two families hated each other and as a matter of fact hated each other. For this reason, Romeo and Juliet stayed within their family 's estate and knew nothing about each other when they met and fell in love. Now let 's flip the side of the coin and take a look the story of Romiette and Julio. Romiette was simple African-American girl who lived in Cincinnati, Ohio while Julio was a Hispanic boy who lived his whole life in Corpus Christi, Texas. When he moves with his family to Ohio, he gets really angry and annoyed the whole time throughout the book, until he meets Romiette. When they meet through the web, they start talking about their hometown, backgrounds and basically, about their life. They were both amazed by their different culture and background and Romiette even joked about Julio carrying hot sauce all the time. This proves that in these two stories, both couples were alien from each other 's life. Nevertheless, they only loved each other more despite their
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