Comparing 'Salvation And A Grunt's Prayer'

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“Salvation” by Langston Hughes and "A Grunt's Prayer" by Ken Noyle are different as “Salvation” Langston loses his faith, while "A Grunt's Prayer" his faith is all he has; they are also similar as they both are overwhelmed, and remorseful.
“Salvation” and “A Grunt's Prayer" are different from one another in the religious sense in believing. In “Salvation” Langston was under the impression that when he was saved he would see a bright light and Jesus’s face. Langston and one other boy was left on the bench, neither of them had been saved yet. Westley was the other boys name, said the lords name in vain and got up like he was saved nothing happened to him, he was not punished. Langston came to the conclusion he was not going to see Jesus, and
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