Comparing Satan And Iago And Shakespeare's Othello

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Evil is an ever present aspect within the existence of humanity. Satan, a real and powerful being, constantly influences the world through his evil and manipulative ways in order to bring destruction and chaos to earth. Perhaps one of the most evil characters ever written about, Iago, from Shakespeare’s Othello, also portrays many traits that are similar to those seen in Satan. Throughout the Bible and throughout Shakespeare’s Othello, both Satan and Iago share many characteristics and differences of poisonous evil within their manipulative words, origins of jealousy, and their malicious acts, but differ in where this power comes from.
Although many may not believe that Satan is a being present in the lives of all, the Bible portrays him as “the father of lies,” and a “thief” whose purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy (King James Version, John 8:44). His purpose is that of pure evil. In Shakespeare’s Othello, Iago demonstrates similar characteristics. Utterly consumed by his malevolent desire for revenge, he describes how “nothing can, or shall, content my soul,” until he achieves it (Othello 2.1.223). He will do everything in his power to obtain what he wants, no matter the cost. Iago, like Satan, devotes his entire life to the destruction of others
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Likewise, they both use similar tactics in their attempts to corrupt others’ lives. Manipulation plays a large role in the plans of Satan and Iago (Fallon, 142). On many occasions, past and present, Satan manipulates people with his words.
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