Comparing Scar And Simba's The Lion King

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The Lion King, an animated but sophisticated Disney film. Made for children’s entertainment it was a commercial success. The Lion King starts out with a young lion, Simba. Simba’s uncle, Scar, plans to usurp Mufasa’s throne by killing him. Mufasa is the king of the packs homeland and Simba is his son. Simba was born into a royal family and is the prince. Scar kills Simba’s father because he is envious of Mufasa being the leader. “Scar causes a stampede through the canyon... Scar ensures Mufasa falls to his death and blames the death on Simba.” (IMDB, 2013). Scar brainwashes Simba into thinking his father’s death was his fault. Simba is convinced and runs away into the jungle. While Simba is in the jungle, he shapes a sturdy relationship with Timone and Pumbaa. Simba gains self-confidence and goes back to the mainland to become the new king. Simba fights with Scar and Scar gets mauled by hyenas and dies. Simba later becomes the leader of the pack and gets married to Nala. Although Simba’s father dies, The Lion King is generally a light-hearted story.…show more content…
Made for playgoers at the time it was a tragedy. Hamlet starts out with his father getting killed. A ghost comes out and tells Hamlet that Claudius murdered his father. Claudius murders old Hamlet because he is jealous of his power and wants to run the castle. Eventually, Hamlet shows his father a play and Claudius realizes that Hamlet is clearly aware of his murder. Outraged Claudius sends Hamlet away to England. In the play, Hamlet has a long relationship with Horatio. “Now might I do it pat, now he is praying, And now I’ll do’t.” (Hamlet 3.3.77-79). Hamlet kills Claudius and he later dies. Hamlet, the play is a tragic play and isn’t very kind
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