Comparing Servant Leadership In Moses And Martin Luther King Jr.

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Conduct research about a biblical figure such as Moses, David, Paul, Joseph, Esther, or Nehemiah to learn about how the biblical leader exemplified servant leadership and see how the principles of servant leadership transcend time and place. Think about the contemporary leader you are researching for the Topic 4 assignment, and discuss the similarities you see between the biblical servant leader and the contemporary servant leader. Provide specific examples to illustrate the similarities you have identified and include discussion about what you think makes the principles of servant leadership applicable regardless of time or place. For this assignment I have chosen to complete further research on Moses and Martin Luther King Jr. Servant leadership involves twelve basic principles, including the use of foresight and being a servant to others…show more content…
held similar servant leadership qualities to Moses. Even their situations were similar; they both lead people to freedom, believed completely in God, and were organizers of great movements during their service. Dr. King, Jr. also had a calling to serve humanity that, according to Phillips (2001) he heard a voice telling him to “Do something for others” (Part IV). Dr. King, Jr. was also known for being honest, able to communicate effectively, and showed foresight for how the future would be shaped (Phillips, 2001). He is well known for his ‘I have a dream’ speech which exemplifies the use of foresight and his effective communication techniques. As you can see, even though the above leaders are several generations apart, living in vastly different eras of time; servant leadership qualities shine through. Regardless of time, people will always be people. People should be able to trust and have faith in the future, servant leadership principles, in my opinion, help to create that sense of trust, the foresight to complete the necessary changes to create a better tomorrow.
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