Comparing Shakespeare's Presentation Of The Relationship Between Winston And Julia In 1984

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The relationship between Winston and Julia, in the novel 1984, must be kept secret from everyone. The reasons for this is because love is frowned upon by the party. For such reasons, they must keep their love affair concealed from others. The poem “Secret” is similar since the poem talks about a love affair as well. A romance that must also be hidden from everyone else. There is also a poem from Shakespeare named, “Sonnet 75” in which there is a desire for the other person that is so great that it gives Shakespeare's conflicting emotions. This relates to the relationship that Winston has with Julia because Winston begins to long desperately for Julia which is similar to the desire that is shown in “Sonnet 75”. The romance that is talked…show more content…
The romance in the poem “Secret” is rather similar to the covert affair between Winston and Julia because the author and his lover also have an affair going on in which cannot be known as well. For instance, in the poem, it states, “It’s a secret affair...that’s blossoming so. No one could ever possibly know” (3). This lets us know that the fling the author has with the women must be hidden from others. In spite of this, the poem and the novel do have differences being, the way the couple felt about each other when they first met. In the novel, Winston despised Julia when he first laid eyes on her because she was young, beautiful, and he believed she was a part of the Thought Police. This is known since “In front of him was an enemy who was trying to kill him… the girl was an enemy agent of the Thought Police” (Orwell, 88-90). Whereas, in the poem “Secret” the couple does not seem to have any acrimony towards one another. On the contrary, they seem to fancy each other quite a bit, “She walked into my life this day and told me that she wanted to stay It was so unexpected; I never knew she felt the same”…show more content…
Similarity, Winston expresses that during a month without contact with Julia, to keep up appearances, he felt a rage of not being with her and he yearned for her desperately. This is seen in, “She had become a physical necessity, something that he not only wanted but felt that he had a right to” (Orwell, 115). Winston’s inner conflicts are shown here in the way he violently desires Julia. The poem “Sonnet 75” Shakespeare expresses the emotion that the other person has on him, being happiness, yet all at the same time that emotion causes strife within him as well. For instance, “And for the peace of you I hold such strife” (Shakespeare, 3). Furthermore, the poem and the novel’s romance have a feeling of desire and lust towards their significant other. Bringing up a disturbing emotional conflict in both the poet and in Winston that involves both love and

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