Comparing Short Stories 'Harrison Bergeron And The Pedestrian'

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Lynnson Ceneston Nov.28.2015 Something or someone with great power often controls humanity’s place in the universe, which does not allow individuality. In the short stories “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury both authors depict the excessiveness of government control and how equality regulations are strictly implied and punished if not respected. Harrison Bergeron, in the short story "Harrison Bergeron”, was an extreme example of a social deviant. In his society, it is believed that not one person should be better than anyone else. To equalize everybody, they are given a handicap to block any talent that truly stands out from anybody. Harrison is portrayed as a social deviant because he had a different point of view and opinion on this verdict. He found it immoral and wrong, in result to…show more content…
Leonard is also a social deviant. Due to the fact he differed from other people in his society. In this society the norm is to stay home and watch T.V, but he felt the need to go out for fresh air and observe things with out a screen in front of him. Due to that he was arrested and sent to a psychiatric center. In this case his “odd” actions lead him to no good. In “Harrison Bergeron” short story, you are given handicaps, to lower everyone’s individuality and abilities. There is no way to slip and do as you want in contrast to “The Pedestrian” where your allowed to do as you want even if you know the consequence there’s nothing to stop you from leaving your home. Unlike Harrison in “Harrison Bergeron” Mr. Leonard wasn’t immediately shot and he was simply arrested and sent to a psychiatric center. This only goes to show us that in “Harrison Bergeron” the rules are strictly implemented and followed but in the short story “The Pedestrian” you’re less restricted, you’re given a chance to redeem yourself from what they called “horrible”

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