Comparing Short Stories 'Sniper And The Stonecutter'

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Short story journaling two

The two stories I read, are the Sniper and The Scarlet Ibis. In both stories the brothers lost someone dear to them. In the first story, The Sniper. The republican sniper was typing to get rid of the Free Stater Sniper, but when he did, he found out that he had just shot his brother. Because the Free Staters and Republicans were at war. Families were divided , brother fought brothers, and Fathers fought their sons. The next story I read was the Scarlet Ibis, the relationship between the older brother and Doodle was strong but yet also strained. It was strong because of how close they were and how they helped each other out. It was strained because the older brother kept pushing Doodle to harder then what was necessary. In conclusion, you can see that both relationships were at fault cause both brothers lost someone that was dear them.
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The first story, The King and the Shirt teaches us that you don't have to have money or possessions beyond beyond belief, to be truly happy. The lesson was taught by, the man who didn't even have a shirt was truly happy. When the other men who have families, and money weren't even happy. The next story The Stonecutter teaches us, that your perfect being you and only you. The lesson was taught, by the irony in the story. The Stonecutter wanted to become the most powerful, so he wished to be a mountain. When he was the mountain, he felt someone breaking away at the stone. It was a Stonecutter. He learned that he was the most powerful just be being himself. As you can see the lessons in these parables teach us amazing things. I learned to be grateful and happy with the things I have and to embrace my
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