Comparing Slavery In Tocqueville, Trollope, And Charles Dickens

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Even though Tocqueville, Trollope, and Dickens do like and enjoy some parts of America, they do not agree with countless actions and things that occur in America during this time. Although they bear some minor differences the similarities of Trollope and Dickens on the topic of slavery are clear. In fact, Fanny Trollope saw the displeasure of how domestic slaves were treated more specifically young ladies. “her cheek grow pale, even before nature has given it the last beautiful finish of the full-grown woman.” (Trollope, 93). In addition, Trollope sees that these young women are forcibly being married at an immensely young age, and she does not approve of that and see that these girls lives are being wasted and by not having a choice in their lives. Also, Trollope does not like how young…show more content…
Additionally, Trollope observes that these young women are working for so little and feel that working in a finery place replaces how little they get paid and how they are treated. Dickens on the other hand speaks about the slave owners and how they have all the power and how they terrorise their slaves. “ The champion of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, who had bought them,” (Dickens, 151). Moreover, Charles Dickens really is astonished by how this “free” country everyone says turns out to be unfair and mistreat these slaves, by how just easily they sell families apart. Unlike, Trollope and Dickens, Tocqueville focused more on the inequality of prisons in America. “ there is not, or appears not to be, any government at all.” (Tocqueville, 52). Alexis De Tocqueville does not agree on how America is lenient with their laws and rules, as he compares France and America’s government and how their government is on everything whereas America’s government did not focus on prisons and asylums as much. Overall, all three have very strong opinions on how America does their things and how they treat the people that live in the country, depending on skin color and or
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