Apple Vs Samsung Smartphone Comparison Essay

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Nowadays, smartphones are very popular devices in the modern human life. As time passes, many more people invest in a smartphone because of its advantages and many features. According to the Pearson Student Mobile Device Survey, College Student in June 2015 showed that eighty-five percent of college students own a smartphone. The two leading biggest smartphone companies in the world are Samsung (82.8 million sales) and Apple (61.6 million sales), and their combined market share in the smartphone market is around 35% (Industry Leaders). The smartphones from those two companies are on demand. For example, four of my friends use the Apple iPhone and three of my other friends use the Samsung Galaxy. According to the Economist, “Rivalry between Apple and Samsung in Smartphone will grow fiercer”. On September 12th, 2017, Apple’s boss Tim Cook presented a new premium phone known as the iPhone X. Then on September 15th, the Samsung premium smartphone – the Galaxy Note 8 – went on sale. My friends and I wondered what the differences between those two smartphones are and…show more content…
Although the shape of both smartphones is similar, Samsung is one of the many companies that has the newest and prettiest design (Goodwin). For example, the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has an incredible design. The phone has an edge-to-edge “infinity” display and very limited bezels. The Galaxy S8 is pure premium from start to finish and lacks a home button. According to the site, the source for tech buying advice: “The Samsung Galaxy S8 looked like a phone that been brought back from the future, a device that we’ve been crying out for a phone manufacturer to be brave enough to put together”. On the other hand, there are not a lot of changes between the newer and older Apple iPhones. For example, iPhone 6 and iPhone 8 look a lot alike. It is also quite hard to tell the difference between the design of the iPhone 7 and iPhone

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