Comparing Social Classes In The Necklace And The Rocking Horse

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The pressure to display wealth in society is an ongoing concern, one that has been present since social and economic classes were first introduced into society. “The Rocking Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence and “The Necklace” by Guy De Maupassant are two short stories that display what this kind of pressure can do to a person and their family. Both Authors lived around the same time, only a few years after socioeconomic classes were first introduced into Europe.The financial situation of Mathilde Loisel from “The necklace” ends up leading to more hardships. Their biggest problem is that Mathilde and Hester (from “The Rocking Horse Winner”) put their social appearance above other people in their families. They both end up succumbing to the stereotype…show more content…
She cares more about money than the comfort of her family, shown by her inability to hide her financial distress in front of her children. Proper convention says that it is inappropriate for children to be exposed to such topics at such a young age. The cognitive ability of a child is lesser than one of an adult, and, therefore, should not be overloaded with things like parental financial distress.
“Because we’re the poor members of the family,” said the mother. “But why are we, mother? ” “Well- I suppose,” she said slowly and bitterly, “it’s because your father has no luck.” (Lawrence 217)
Hester is so concerned with buying more, and more things and having more, and more money that she is unable to judge what is and isn’t appropriate. She speaks to her child in such a way that causes him to permanently be obsessed with money in the same way as her. Ultimately, this causes the death of her son. Despite this, Hester remains obsessed with money and there is no character development seen where she is swayed from her ways by the death of her son. Fortuitously, her son leaves her with all of his winnings, which; despite not being not being enough for her was enough most likely to maintain her
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