Comparing Sonmi-451 And Cloud Atlas

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The figures worshipped in religion have no power until their followers give them that momentum. Historically, Jesus was a traveller that preached his ideas and lived a relatively normal life. Through Christianity, however, Jesus Christ has become one of the most important leaders in history. Faith in the unknown sometimes gives the ordinary an extraordinary sway in the world. The relationship between Sonmi-451 and Zachry from David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas is proof of this. Sonmi is venerated by Zachry and his tribe, giving her dominance over Zachry’s beliefs and choices, despite the fact that Sonmi was merely a slave of the upper class in her time. Sonmi unintentionally became the ruling figure in Zachry’s life by sending him guiding messages…show more content…
Zachry’s choices were determined by the dreams sent to him by Sonmi, guiding him in tough decisions. Zachry’s coming-of-age consisted of him sleeping in the Icon’ry by himself, waiting for Sonmi to give him dreams that would allude to his future. Zachry’s first dream that night was that “Hands are burnin’, let that rope not be cut” (Mitchell 258). While Zachry and Meronym were climbing Mauna Kea, Zachry was tempted by Old Georgie to kill Meronym and himself by cutting a rope that was suspending them from death. Zachry heeded the first dream’s advice and did not slash the rope. In Zachry’s second dream, he saw that “Enemy’s sleeping, let his throat not be slit” (Mitchell 258). Upon returning to his village after escaping the Kona with Meronym, Zachry had…show more content…
When Zachry’s father and brother were attacked by the Kona, Zachry lied to his fellow Valleymen and said that the Kona had attacked them when he wasn’t there so that he would not look like a coward for not intervening and saving his family. This lie led Zachry to believed that his soul was “half-stoned”, meaning that his chances of being reincarnated as a Valleyman were reduced because he acted like a savage, against Sonmi’s wishes. Zachry did not kill Meronym when Old Georgie tempted him because if he committed murder, he would be going against Sonmi and would be reincarnated as a savage Kona, the worst reincarnation for a Valleyman. The remainder of Zachry’s decisions after lying about the Kona attack were based around proving to Sonmi that he was worthy of being reincarnated as a Valleyman. Sonmi influenced Zachry to do good in life out of his fear of his soul being stoned and him ending up as a Kona in his next life. The power of a person’s faith can allow a figure to have great influence over them. An ascended fabricant from Nea So Copros turned unexpectedly into a highly respected religious symbol to Zachry and the Valleymen. Sonmi became a source of guidance to Zachry, through whom he received guiding dreams and heeded her advice, as well as inheriting his tribe’s veneration for her as well as the tribe’s fear of Old Georgie. Sonmi had colossal
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