Comparing Sonny's Blues And I Stand Here Ironing

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A close comparison and contrast of the literary work "Sonny's Blues" written by James Baldwin and "I Stand Here Ironing" written by Tillie Olsen show similarities between the effects of the family relationships and overall themes of sin, redemption, and grace even though they have a different setting and time. The author of "I Stand Here Ironing" was named Tillie Olsen. Olsen was born in Nebraska during the Great Depression in 1912. "I Stand Here Ironing" takes place during the Great Depression. James Baldwin, the author of "Sonny's Blues", grew up in Harlem. Baldwin was also a spokesperson for the American Civil Rights movement and racial issues of his time and so he incorporated these issues into his writing. "Sonny's Blues" gives an African American perspective set in 1960s Harlem. Baldwin grew up listening to sermons and reading the Bible. At the age of seventeen he became disillusioned with religion and left the church. Biblical themes continued to shape most of his literary works and appear in his story "Sonny's Blues" even after he left the church. The brother is disappointed when Sonny…show more content…
UPS AND DOWNS. The nature of Emily's journey is in a . Emily's pain is caused by the lack of her mother's attention. At the beginning of the mother's reflection over Emily's life she is remembered as chubby cheeked joyful little baby. When Emily was little she had to stay with other people because her mom had to work. Her mother is persuaded to send her to a covalent home and Emily had a difficult time there because they didn’t allow any of the girls to keep personal belongings or "love anyone" (Olsen). After Emily came back from the covalent home, she became distant and refused her mother's attempts of comfort. A bright spot in Emily's life is her gift in comedy. The biggest obstacle for Emily would be not believing that she is helpless to the hardships life has thrown at
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